Stephanie Elyse Sherman

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 historical images courtesy of The Dupont Underground, llc.

images courtesy of the S. Sherman  and Parks & Passages collaborators

Parks & Passages

recent ruins in connected capitals // Goethe-Institute, Washington DC // September 2012

Parks & Passages was a group investigation and exhibition of proposed ideas for The Dupont Underground, a 75,000 sq. ft. abandoned streetcar station and tunnels beneath Dupont Circle in Washington DC that operated between 1948 and 1968.

The project included two components--a research residency exchange which sent four DC creatives (architect, sculptor, scholar, and artist) to Berlin to investigate experimental uses of abandoned spaces across the city, and a programming series and exhibition offering responses and considerations for the development of the Dupont Underground tunnels. This research culminated in an exhibition at the Goethe-Institut DC which explored the subliminal relationships of abandoned infrastructures in these capital cities

Four final works--Resonance & Remembrance (an architectural study of preservation principles by architect Pam Jordan), Tunnel Vision (a timeline of news articles exploring possibilities and pitfalls of Dupont development by scholar Paul Farber), Ruins & Utopias (a film installation inspired by political collapse by artist Edgar Endress), and Metamonuments (a book composed of ten futuristic stories of the underground by James Huckenpahler) --traced the uncanny connections between these two capital cities and the fragile political, relational, and material dynamics of abandoned spaces. Other programming included a talk by Martin of the Tempelhof Airport Park, a garden intervention at George Mason University, participatory tours of the Dupont Underground tunnels, and a final document delivered to the board of directors which offered a series of urban planning Recommendations for the Dupont Underground.

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